About Us

About Us

Project Binario aims to help tech entrepreneurs from all over, including unlikely destinations, to take projects from ideas to reality. 0s and 1s from zero to one.

To this end, we connect key stakeholders such academic institutions, business leaders, and others across national borders, to exchange and spark ideas in the realm of digital entrepreneurship.  By providing access, expertise, and resources, we build collaboration and momentum around entrepreneurship and foster STEAM in local communities.


Eddy Perez

Executive Director

Eddy formed Project Binario with the goal of helping support entrepreneurs from non-traditional tech destinations. After a decade in international development consulting, he switched gears to the fast-thinking, fast-moving culture of Silicon Valley. He also works at a leading enterprise software company and continues to be inspired by how it always make social impact as a priority.

Tuan Anh Tran Caraballo


Tuan is a Cuban native and a technology enthusiast. He is deeply interested in learning how technology can improve the lives of those in emerging economies. After moving to Silicon Valley to pursue his studies in Computer Science at Stanford University, Tuan has actively led efforts to create bilateral ties between Stanford undergrads and Cuban college students and entrepreneurs. He supports Project Binario in matters of programs and partnerships.

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Julie Drapier


Julie advises Project Binario on matters of finance and strategy. She is the CEO and founder of Impetus Finance, a Venture Capital boutique firm advising funds through their investment process and supporting start-ups in their fundraising activities. For the past 13 years, Julie has been helping companies raise capital and structure projects, including Public Private Partnerships and carbon reduction initiatives.  


Carlos Busquets


Carlos is a global public policy executive specialized in business advocacy and public/private cooperation. He has provided strategic policy advice and guidance to Fortune 500 companies operating internationally, helping them understand, manage and shape international regulatory environments. Carlos recently launched Americas Club to promote entrepreneurship across the Western Hemisphere.